inside the mind of me.

the epitome of a strong young woman. my name is camara. welcome. :)


Friend, if you’re going to live in victory, you have to know how to praise in your midnight hour — when things seem the darkest, when you’re in pain, disappointed, lonely or experiencing a loss. When you praise Him no matter what, that’s when God can enter your situation. That’s when He can break your chains and set you free!

Remember, a sacrifice of praise is when it costs you something, when you don’t necessarily feel like doing it. Praise Him, not because of how you feel, but because He is worthy! Praise Him in your midnight hour and get ready to embrace the freedom He has planned for you!

I love nights like last night. Just my girls, good food and good conversation. The absolute best.

People tell me that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity

but man, I’m nervous.

I’m watching Chrisette Michele on R&B Divas LA and she’s so sweet and soft spoken. I’ve always loved her!